Discover your magical piano powers with Piano Princess Lyra

The Piano Princess Online Course Recorded on Youtube

The Princess Piano Online Course - Recorded on Youtube

The Piano Princess course is a series of 5 magical sessions learning notes and songs.
Fairy Florobei teaches any boy and girl beginners about their magical piano powers and how to pop the world into colours by teaching piano basics in the most fun, creative and engaging way. 
The sessions are recorded as if they are live and interactive with time to work on tasks and games to play along to. 
All material will  be sent upon sign-up for you to print. 
Printed books can be bought separately 

What you need:

- YouTube Account
- Printer OR buy book separately
- Piano/keyboard/toy piano/piano app
- Colouring pencils
-Magic wand if you have one (not essential)

Packagage available:

1 Session of your choice - Available for 1 week - £1.99 

Full Course - Available for 1 week - £7.49

Full Course - Available for 5 weeks - £8.99 

More Course Info

 In the 5 sessions the children will

Draw in their piano book
Learn to play simple songs
Do magic and learn about their own piano powers
 Learn songs & music theory through games, singing & dancing

The course includes

Fairy Florobei telling her story
Link to session materials and certificate to print
Fairy Florobei performing the Piano Princess Song

The printed book can be purchased separately
If you have any other questions please Contact Us below and get in touch!