Discover your magical piano powers with Piano Princess Lyra

Piano Magic Level 1 Course

What is the course:
"Piano Magic Level 1" is a songbook course using and solidifying the material covered in "The Piano Princess Course". The children will learn how to sing, clap, count and of course play the songs with lyrics about the story and note colours consisting of 4-8 bars.

The Piano Princess will teach in a playful & fun way integrating games, drawing and storytelling to communicate the material.

Who is the course for:
Piano Magic Level 1 course is the the perfect way to continue piano learning after attending
"The Piano Princess Course" 

Can my child join if they didn't take the initial course:
Children can join even if they haven't taken the initial course if they are confident playing/reading
C-G as whole/half/quarter notes in the right hand.

What do I need:
- a device & internet to run Zoom
- piano/keyboard(even a toy one is fine)
- colouring pencils in pink, purple, blue, green, yellow
- printer to print songs or you can buy the book on this website if you're in the UK
- a parent/adult to be present, participating and helping throughout the sessions

How long is the course:
The course are 5 x 30min sessions on Zoom

Upcoming Course Dates:

  •  Friday 21st August for 5 consecutive Fridays for 30min at
    4pm BST, London
    11am EDT, NYC
    8am PST, LA


£27.99 / $35