Discover your magical piano powers with Piano Princess Lyra

The Piano Princess Story

A summary of the Piano Princess story...

Princess Lyra is supposed to have her magical piano powers unleashed on her 4th birthday but a chase and fight between the good fairy Florobei and the evil Torobeis prevent this event coming fully to pass. The Torobeis take away all the colours in the kingdom and hide the piano from the princess so she wouldn’t discover her magic.


On the princesses’ 16th birthday, Florobei sprinkles a trail of fairy dust for Lyra to find the piano and they finally meet again. Fairy Florobei tells the princess of her magical piano playing powers that will once again make the world a joyful and colourful place.

The princess practices her tunes and melodies that are like magic spells to fight the Torobeis and her world springs to life once more. She goes on to share her magical piano powers with all the other little children.

Book Plans

We are currently looking for a book agent / publisher to publish The Piano Princess Story as a magically illustrated picture book. 
Alternatively, we are also considering to run a crowdfunding campaign to self-publish the story. 
If you are a book agent, illustrator or a supporter of the Piano Princess, we would love to hear from you!