Discover your magical piano powers with Piano Princess Lyra

Piano Princess One to One Lessons

One to One Lessons with the Piano Princess are a great way to follow up your child's interest in piano lessons after attending a Piano Princess course or experience. It's not neccessary to have attended one of these but they're a great way to test your child's interest. 

One to one lessons with the Piano Princess are a bit different to using "just" a teacher. Lyra will tell her story of becoming the Piano Princess in the first lesson and will keep referring to the story to encourage little students to learn and become amazing pianists. The lessons are flexible and catered to your child's needs and learning speed and include some of the course/experience features such as using magic and visuals to learn. 

Lessons with the Piano Princess will not only make your child feel very special and is something to look forward to in the week, but is also educational, learning music theory and how to read music in a fun and engaging way alongside learning lots of songs to play and sing! 

Lessons can be arranged for a regular slot but can be paid weekly. No up front termly payment is required.
If a block of 5 lessons are booked in advance you may have one of our princess keyboards to keep (depending on stock availability).
The piano books are also included in the lesson price.

30min - £30
(advised for 4-7yr olds)
45min - £35
(for 6-7yr olds that concentrate well)
1h - £40 (for 7yr olds with excellent concentration)